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Our process is based upon years of experience and built around listening to your needs as the first step towards highly collaborative design process.  We believe great design starts with unique ideas and these first inspirational moments are born from our conversations with you in the early phases of your project.  We want to know how you live in your home and what's important to you and your family.  We strive to create exceptional designs that are both function and beautiful using a predictable and time-tested process.  We offer "full-service" Architecture and design services.  What this means is we stand with our clients from the first conversation through the completion of construction, guiding you through every step of the process along the way.  We create incredibly detailed drawing sets that holistically integrate interiors and exteriors; these drawing sets can be competitively bid by multiple General Contractors.  This high level of detail allows for accurate pricing and ensures that you and the contractor fully understand the scope of the project prior to starting construction.  This process leads to a higher quality of design, shorter construction periods, competitive market pricing and a reduction in construction change orders.

Your invest in both time and finances at the beginning of the project will ensure you are set up for success in the long run.  Read below to learn more about how we work and what we can do for you.


01: Schematic Design

In this initial phase of work, we start by listening. We pride ourselves on asking questions to better understand your needs as a family and how we can collaborate together to design your ideal living environment.  We then start to compile all of the information required to meet your project goals from a design and budget standpoint.  We work with you to get all of the necessary documentation to start your project, help build the project consultant team, perform preliminary permit research to understand what's possible from a permitting standpoint.  Once this information is in hand we begin our design research to better understand the local design and construction history that shaped your particular home and community. 


The historic and regional information collected is then used along with your project brief to produce several design options through multiple design meetings.  Often clients come to us with specific designs in mind, we work to provide options for you that you may have overlooked.  These design meetings allow you to select the right design direction through a process of elimination. This phase culminates in the selection of a final approved project design

02: Design Development

During this phase we work with the consultant team to develop the approved Schematic Design drawings into a preliminary pricing set.  We identify contractors that would be an ideal fit for the project, introduce them to you, and oversee an initial pricing round to confirm the design aligns with the project budget.  We also work during this phase to gather more information with your local building and planning departments to move the permitting process forward.

03: Permitting

With the approved pricing and design in hand, we work with the consultant team and aggregate all the required drawings to submit for the final building permit.  We oversee the permitting process, often with an outside expediter, from start to finish.  This phase typically requires close oversight and plan set revisions to address any comments provided by the local building department.  At the end of this phase, we have a final permit in hand ready for you or the General Contractor.

04:  Construction Documents

This phase typically overlaps with the permitting phase and is a phase that is generally unique to full-service Architecture firms.  The work in this phase includes the full development of all interior and exterior detailing for the project to ensure a clear and concise project scope and design scope for you as well as the General Contractor. All interior and exterior finishes are selected and documented in collaboration with you and any other design consultants (some projects include interior designers, others do not).  This information is built into a drawing set that could range from 30 - 150 pages of drawings depending on the scale and complexity of your project.

05:  Bidding and Negotiation

Using the final Construction Document set completed in Step 04, we will work with you to complete final pricing with General Contractors either through a negotiated or competitive bidding exercise.  During this phase we gather information from the selected GC's and consolidate this information into a manageable format so you are able to understand the differences between each contractor in terms of both their process and their pricing structure. We work with you as the owner to review pricing and contract options (fixed versus time and materials) and work with you to ensure you're supported during the contract negotiation process.  Once a GC is selected, we ensure the pricing aligns with the Construction Documents and your goals as the owner.

06:  Construction Administration

As licensed Architects, we require on-going involvement during the construction phase of the project.  This work typically includes the review of GC invoices, weekly team calls to check in on construction, periodic site visits, submittal and shop drawing reviews, on-going design support and the review of construction change orders.  My owners are unaware of this phase of work, it is an absolutely critical phase of the project and one of the highest values in our opinion.  This is where the rubber meets the road and where our years of experience are absolutely critical in making sure you are supported through the entire project.

Pricing Structure

Our pricing structure is based upon project scope and size, which is ultimately always a reflection of the project construction cost.  To get accurate pricing, we typically do per-project assessment of your needs and then determine an accurate budget for your project for the Architecture fees.

Project Timeline

Project "design" timelines can range from 4-12 months depending on your specific project.  These timelines don't include local permit approvals, construction and planning review which can vary dramatically depending on your location.  We have completed recent projects from start-to-finish in as little as 1 year (first intro call through move in) we have also had projects last for 5 years.  We help you to identify this a realistic schedule for your project during the first phase of work once under contract.

Next Steps

With hundreds of projects completed to date, we believe in our process and know what it takes to make your project a success.  We greatly value our clients and believe in the power of honest and proactive communication.  We focus on our role, which is to provide you with both exceptional design work and pertinent information that will allow you to make informed decisions, leveraging our expertise and experience.  We are the driving force that pushes your project from an idea into reality and we love what we do. We would love to hear more about your project. 


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Mia, Home Owner

Working with Kirley+ was a complete pleasure. They were always available to talk and clearly communicated different stages of the project. Transparent, professional and a joy to work with. I would highly suggest them for your project!