Modular Construction Article I - Making Modular Cool

Over the past several months we decided to dive head first into the world of modular construction. The idea of building more efficiently in a controlled environment just makes sense right? We wanted to understand the obstacles that stand in the way of bringing this delivery method main-stream. We also wanted to know if the stigma of modular construction and it’s lack of quality was true, or has the industry just been given a bad name by a few low quality players.

We’re in the process of developing a multiple lot development and we wanted to explore the use of modular to meet our clients’ needs. What we learned will be outlined in a series of articles as we move through a real-time modular project. We look forward to reporting on our findings and hope to learn from the process and pass this knowledge on to others considering similar projects.

Below is an image of a project completed by our Partner firm Classic Colonial Homes, Inc. These are traditionally built stick-framed homes completed in a masterplanned community in Connecticut.

#Development #Modular #Residential #Housing

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