The "Project Happiness Graph"

I can't remember where this originally came from, but the idea has stuck with me over the years. Building can be a long, complicated and frustrating process. If you are brave enough to jump in, you should always be prepared to hop on the project roller coaster and strap in tight because it's going to be a wild ride.

Someone asked me the other day, "Why in the world would you do this as a job?" We were waist deep in window details trying to figure out which of the 8 companies we quoted for a project was the right fit. The client was overwhelmed and drowning in a sea of decisions for the project and obviously frustrated. I thought for a second and responded,"I love this stuff." It was funny because it's true: I do love this stuff. That said, I empathize with people and the struggles of getting through a project. It's complicated, frustrating and there are many uncertainties inherent to the process of building anything. But, that's why we are professionals are here to guide our clients through the process with the goal of adding value whenever and wherever possible.

I like many Architects am visual and it's things like this that stick with me:

The Design/Construction Project Happiness Graph

Too funny right? Also, thanks NorthStar Windows! Your marketing is working because this notepad has sat on my desk for the last 5 months after you dropped it off during you visit to the office :)

-Keith Kirley, AIA

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