How Projects Take Life : Urban Remedy Instagram

People always ask us about our process. New clients often reach us after doing extensive research online which can often times lead to confusion around our particular services. When we meet new clients, there is a pretty long period of education that we focus on to make sure everyone's expectations are aligned. Often times we look back at recent projects, talk about our experiences and show the development of that project through design reviews, construction and finally the end product. This process can vary greatly depending on the type of project such as a residential versus commercial.

Our project at Instagram's Headquarters in San Francisco with Urban Remedy is a perfect example of how each project takes on a life of its own and how the project teams and coordination can vary depending on the project type. This project in particular shows one way in which a commercial project might be handled.

A Quick Background Story

Urban Remedy was approached by Facebook/Instagram to build out a retail location in the lobby of their new headquarters at 181 Freemont Street in San Francisco. Facebook had just taken over 35 floors of the new high-rise, but the lobby was still under construction and slated for completion roughly 4-months out. The lobby space design was still being developed, the space was an empty box and Facebook had a HUGE team working on the tenant improvement of the 35 floors they leased plus the lobby which was its own small project within this 56 floor 700' new tower connected to the Transbay Terminal in the heart of the city.

On one side there existed the Facebook team and the building landlord Jay Paul, on the other side there was Urban Remedy, it's CEO and Kirley+ working to understand how the integrity of the Urban Remedy brand could be integrated into this new space.

The First Phase of Design

As a first step at exploring design options we worked in plan producing rough sketches of layout options while working closely with the building architect Gensler to understand the multitude of restrictions in the space. We explored many different options but narrowed it down to the best two which we then reviewed with Urban Remedy.